compulsory purchase

compulsory purchase
compulsory purchase comˌpulsory ˈpurchase also compulsory acquisition noun [uncountable]
LAW in Britain, when a government organization has the legal power to make you sell them your land or property and pays you an amount of money as compensation. This usually happens when a new road etc is being built:

• The Local Authority had certain powers of compulsory purchase in relation to land near the motorway.

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compulsory purchase UK US noun [C or U] UK (US eminent domain)
LAW, PROPERTY a situation in which a government has the legal power to buy private property at a fair price when it will be used for something that will be of use to the public, for example a new road: »

The council has already indicated that it is prepared to recommend compulsory purchase of any property necessary for construction of the new stadium.

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